Friday, October 16, 2009

Assignment 8

1. All english words containing the letters "eue"

12 words found.

* banlieue
* banlieues
* feued
* queue
* queued
* queueing
* queueings
* queuer
* queuers
* queues
* subfeued
* unfeued

Succeeded with Google, third result for query all english words containing +eue. Wolframalpha unable to understand question.

2. How much potassium in 4.7 oz of banana?

477 mg.

Succeeded with WA. Google returns numerous results with irrelevant content, or difficult content to filter.

3. How old was Barack Obama on the day you were born?

Neither engine could figure it. WA tried but got confused because Obama was born well after me. Google had no idea what I was asking. Barack Obama birthday received accurate answers from both.

4. Date and time of the next total solar eclipse in Eugene?

11:25 PDT, Monday, August 21, 2017.

Both engines delivered accurate results with the query total solar eclipse in Eugene Oregon.

5. What is the minimum and maximum price of google stock since it went public?

Conflicting minimums-- WA says $100.01 (but does not list the IPO date). Google's best answer seems to imply IPO date of August 19, 2004, initial price $85. Neither has trouble with the stock high of $741.79.

6. Link an image of the barcode for UPC 01234567890

  WA found the barcode easily. Using Google image search, found it also without problem. Google web search was a bit more difficult.

7. How many vertices does an icosahedron have?


First result in Google for search vertices does an icosahedron. WA also finds it easily.

8. Distance from Eugene to Tokyo?

4886 miles.

WA pulled that info and much detail from a search for Eugene to Tokyo distance. Answer also appears as Google's number 2 result.

9. Average Oregon income per capita?


WA displays the answer unabiguously. Google takes some digging, and proves difficult to uncover current data.

10. What is the Morse code for your first name?

WA had no trouble. Google's best result was a full Morse code alphabet.